A reason for the madness

Last weekend, the Labour Day weekend, Mitchell and I went to my dad’s house for family gathering. There was a double celebration: my step-mom’s birthday and Labour Day.

Every time the family gets together, it is a special time and we make the best out of it, even though we always, always, walk out of it way too full for anyone’s liking. But that’s what makes it memorable and gives us something to talk about – the feasts we have together!

My step-mom loves the “homemade” present from us and it will be a nice dinner center piece for a little while.

flowers freshly cut from our back yard

flowers freshly cut from our back yard

As the barbecue was going, we went around the room and talked about the newest of the newest in everyone’s’ life. My siblings, currently 15 and 16, totally loved this interaction and had the time and the opportunity to hear all the advise we had for them for the new school year 😉

Mitchell and I got asked how’s the farm and all the critters, and there were mixed emotions floating around when they heard about some predator stories and the ugly part of a hobby farm. But happy stories were shared too and the progress we have made since last time we got together. We talked about our plans and what we are looking to do after the house sells, and it didn’t sit quiet well with some in the audience… Best of wishes were voiced out, but I could tell that deep inside something was unsettling and tension was in the air.

And I do understand and appreciate the feedback, and would like to put down on paper why we want to do the things we do. There’s a big passion we both share for gardening and raising animals. Together we form a team and take care of all that needs to be done around the yard. We have great respect for the land and the animals we currently have (and the ones that will join our farm in the future) and we take care of both with utmost admiration. There’s a total self-fulfillment when the whole circle of life is achieved, whether with the veggies or the animals. The animals are raised with total love and care and live a life out in the pasture. The reward we get for now are the delicious eggs and meat. Our future plan is to expand our hobby farm and add goats and sheep, a few pig feeders, and ultimately one or two family cows 🙂 We both have school degrees that are in different fields, which help us make sense of all that life throws at us and solve different situations that arise.

Our ultimate goal is to provide fresh from the farm eggs, meats and dairy products, that people can enjoy and share with their families, as well as support our confinement-free animal movement. And in return, Mitchell and I will continue to do exactly what we love to do. And we would really like to get out of this rat race that we feel stuck into for now.

I never said any of this will be easy, but it will be well worth it in the end!


“Where there’s a will, there’s always a way”


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