A break from the routine

Every so often I like to take a break. I call it a break, but it’s more like time spent outside the farm gates. This time around it was a day of fishing.

My father and younger brother came over for the weekend and ‘fish for dinner’ was on everyone’s mind. We geared up and off we went to catch some fish, but not before all our critters received their breakfast.

Our first stop was under a bridge where a little river met a bigger river. Everything was just right. The morning quietness, the sun hitting the water just right, and of course our gear working just so. Our morning cup of coffee was hitting the right spot too.

For some reason this was more than catching fish; it was about catching up. I don’t get to see my parents very often and every time we do get together is a joyful day. My little brother is growing up fast. We talked about his last year of high school and his new endeavors with applying for university. Then we talked about boys and girls and we watched him blush just like any other schoolboy would do in that situation.

As lunchtime approached, we grabbed a bite to eat and went to the marina to rent a boat. We sailed to one of the islands, tied the boat to the trees, and set up for a picnic. We then spent the rest of the afternoon sailing up and down the lake, stopping in different spots to lower the bait into the water. We talked some more, we laughed, we played riddle games, and we made plans for our next trip.

It wasn’t all just fun and games… we did have some delicious, fresh caught fish for dinner that evening

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