3.Line.Tales: Colors of Spring

photo by kazuend

photo by kazuend

She walks to work every day with her purse over her right shoulder, a large coffee in her left hand, and never making any eye contact; her focus is only on a few steps ahead.

Her path is always the same straight past the yellow house with the white picket fence, left at the green store with the purple hat she likes in the window, over the red metal bridge with old blue markings, and through the revolving doors of the silver building.

Something is different this morning and she feels a sudden urge to break her focus and look up; boy is she ever glad she did, else she might’ve missed all the wonderful colors of Spring!


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3LineTales prompt by Sonya – full details on the prompt and submission rules at Only 100 Words.

3 Thoughts on “3.Line.Tales: Colors of Spring

  1. Loved how you described her walk in colors. The last sentence is perfect. Spring’s splendor is a transitory and enticing visual not to be missed. 🙂

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