3.Line.Tales: Best Friends


photo by Annie Spratt


Look! Here they are for the wedding rehearsal

Act normal, that’s all I have to say

You think they’ll notice my cowlick this time…




Click here for high resolution photo. 

3LineTales prompt by Sonya – full details on the prompt and submission rules at Only 100 Words.

3 Thoughts on “3.Line.Tales: Best Friends

  1. Oh my god! How many posts have you written this week? You are a blogging machine! I’ve written, what, one in the past fortnight.

    • I have so much to say hahahhaha ((but I wish words would come easier, you ladies do such a wonderful job at putting posts together)) I try very hard to keep it once or twice a week… I found this 3 Lines Tale on another site and I figured some light Sunday writing/giggles

  2. they are so beautiful! Country theme weddings are dreamy for sure 🙂

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