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The stinging secrets of nettles

As warmer weather and rain passes through our area, all green living things start to spring into action. This also makes Read More →

3.Line.Tales: At the market

  She quickly navigates through the crowd. At last! She touches and squeezes them gently, looking for the perfect citric encounter.   Read More →

How I got to meet my neighbours

My dogs actually met most of my neighbours first. Their charm and sneaky ways led them straight into the arms Read More →

Broody-broody-chick-chick III

…told ya’ waiting is the hardest part! but as everything else in Nature is unpredictable, the baby chicks came early! Read More →

3.Line.Tales: Future

  At the crucial peak point between night and day, rests the assurance of tomorrow.       Click here Read More →

I made new friends

Last month I was awarded the Liebster Award by a couple of very nice ladies and the small print of Read More →

Broody-broody-chick-chick II

We started our journey with 55 chickens, of different heritage breeds. We ordered chicks from a farmer in our area Read More →