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A look into the past

When we first moved to the countryside, our main priority was to get really familiar with our surroundings and “map Read More →

Book Review Friday – Fallen

This month I chose to review a book that is somewhat fitting with the season. I actually picked up this book because Read More →

‘Tis the Season

Around the Holidays, and shortly after, I tend to hear about people gifting living creatures to their family, relatives or friends. Read More →

Hello, Mr. Porcupine

It was very nice of you to show up. I wish the circumstances were a little different; You might want Read More →

I am a new blood donor

And yesterday was my first time donating. For those of you who have done it before, I’m sure you feel Read More →

Mom’s a hoarder!

Yes indeed she is! Of things that are all soft and squishy!! And they are pppuuuurrrrfect for her!!! You see, Read More →