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Oh, my poor tomatoes

This year the weather has been something to talk about… It has been extremely cold, extremely hot and anywhere in Read More →

Reclaim your pantry

Pests love to eat too, and more often than not they find home and food in our homes and pantries. Read More →

Flowers, flowers and more flowers

  Mom planted flower seeds all over the land when she was here… and they grew beautifully!!       Read More →

All egg-licious

  There’s a myth circling around town that egg yolks are bad for you. In the health-food industry, they have Read More →

Book Review Friday – The Dirty Life

I like to read. A lot. As a matter a fact, I think there’s a love-hate relationship between books and Read More →


I love garlic! and started loving it when I noticed Mitchell cooked with it ALL the time… Now, I use Read More →

It’s a doggie dog life!

It’s a dog eat dog world! (Who came up with that anyway??)   They all love to be outside together! Read More →