Welcome to our homestead

… where time never sits still and something, anything, always happens!

‘Homesteading’ is all about ‘home making’ – turning the house, the land, the atmosphere into what one calls ‘home’. And home is where the heart belongs!

We are a couple of journey ‘men’ trying to make sense of this world we live in. In the Spring of 2013 we packed our bags in the big city and took to the woods. Literally! We moved on a 43-acre lot, 36 of which are covered with a beautiful forest of young and few decades old pine trees. We shared our passion and land with 2 cats, 3 dogs and roughly 60 chickens.


At one point, we decided that was not enough! So we moved during the summer of 2016 to a far, far place. Far from family and friends, far from the bottleneck commute, but only far enough that we can still drive to see everyone. For now, we raise dual-purpose chickens and sell the eggs and meat to help with the costs of feed. We hatch chicks every spring and rotate the ageing chickens in the fall. We also raise what some call ‘meat birds’ or ‘broilers’ (the kind you find in the grocery stores) and have been succesful with them on pasture, in chicken tractors. We now call this place “home” and hopefully it will be for a very long time, because as it turns out, the possibilities are endless! I invite you to join us on our wonderful journey to sustainability.

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We hope you enjoy your stay and you’ll be back soon.

Laura, Mitchell and the critters.





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